Best hair styles for a business woman

I’m back! And this time we will be talking about a couple of suggestion I have for your business environment. We’re witnessing more and more young and perspective women battling it out in the business waters with the guys on the daily basis. The catch is, women have to put a lot more work and effort into their appearance, and I’m here to do my part and give them/you a helping hand with that.

The biggest deal here is to keep it easy to do, yet effective in the workplace, giving off that serious “don’t mess with my company” look. So, I think I’ve found just the couple of hairstyles that just might do the trick. Stick around, and I’ll do my best to make you see what I see when I look at these hairstyles.

Let’s waste no time since I’m sure by business girls/women would frown upon loosing them money, so every second is important, and we better get down to work.


business woman

business woman

Big hair

It’s an excellent choice for your workplace, no doubts about it. It got its funny name based on some pageant somewhere I think. The line that was ever present within that circuit was the fact that all of the contestants used to style and curl their hair for as much volume as possible. Those hairstyles usually used some kinds of hairpieces to make the whole thing even more dramatic, and they did take a lot of time to get done.

But, big hair is just a name that stuck with this style, without necessarily having all that much in common with one another. It’s generally used term to describe a hairstyle that looks like it took forever to get it done, without necessarily being so in reality. So, you’ll have a style that’ll be a good statement for you, and which looks like you’ve spent hours making it. Of course, you didn’t.

Super trendy

business woman2So, the whole fuss is about being, as the title and the name of the style suggest, ultra trendy. This is the name that joins all that is popular at the moment under the same roof. When I say popular, I mean hairstyles you can see in magazines or fashion shows… OR, they could be some styles of iconic groups of some sorts. The main point is keeping it trendy through the roof.

You understand by now that this name hides a bunch of different opportunities. There are a lot of hairstyles that qualify to enter your choice pool here. I’m talking some sever bobs at an angle, super-short cuts with some spikes, or even using some dramatic techniques when it comes to color.

But the key feature here is that these styles are usually very susceptible to changes. Change is always good, so I can’t see any downsides from where I stand currently. When the next big things hits you, as a super-trendy individual must go with the flow and make appropriate changes to follow the new trends.

Basics of Brazilian hair straightening

Alongside Japanese hair straightening, the Brazilian method is one of the most controversial procedures in hair styling today. People also tend to ask most questions about it, so I decided to give you all the necessary basics compiled into one short article.

I’ve already written everything there is to know about its Japanese counterpart, so all that is left is covering the Brazilian hair straightening. As I’ve said before, the most important thing with both methods is picking a hair stylist that knows what he’s doing. You will be completely safe in that case, or completely putting your hair at risk if you decide to go for a less experienced individual.

But let’s waste no more time and get straight down to business. This is everything you’ll ever have to know before you decide to go out there and get this done.

Why do this in the first place?

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening

Because it will provide you with that coveted advertising campaign look. You’ll look like you’ve just jumped out of a fashion magazine, with your hair perfectly straight, shiny, and luxurious. You’ll completely forget that your hair was ever curly to begin with.

The second reason is that you simply got tired of your daily straightening routine, and just want to afford a more permanent solution. This method is a perfect choice in that case, as once it’s done it’ll last for a couple of months without any extra touch ups or redoing.

It’s already proven as a good straightening solution, as it had a lot of success in the past years, alongside Japanese method.

So, there you have a few reasons that’ll tip you over if you’re having your share of doubts concerning this procedure.

How does this procedure work?

People call it a miracle treatment for your hair, as it leaves it perfectly straight right away, without any frizz. It also gets a beautiful shine, and becomes very easy to maintain. So, basically, it’s hassle free, and it brings you fast and concrete results. All that thanks to keratin.

This process basically relies on applying keratin to your hair. It has the aforementioned effects of leaving it frizz-free and shiny, but most importantly straight. This treatment is not short in effect also, it last for about 2.5 months, after which time you’ll have to repeat the process.

Unlike Japanese method, Brazilian will take only around 2 hours until finished, but on the other hand it does last shorter than the Japanese straightening too.

So, it all pretty much comes down to the artificial introduction of keratin into your hair. It is simply applied, and left to do the rest by itself.

Let’s go over some PROs when it comes to this treatment

Here are some of the good sides:

  • Extensive research has been conducted when it comes to this procedure, so by now it’s made completely safe
  • Your hair will be super silky and soft
  • It will also make it as shiny as seen on those TV adds. It will be manageable and slick, which will certainly add a new, more sophisticated tone to your overall look
  • It can be performed on any hair type
  • There are no nasty side effects to this method
  • Both women and men are suitable candidates for this procedure
  • You can forget about mousse and hair sprays since this treatment makes them unnecessary. It also replaces keratin protein in your hair with excellent results
  • This procedure will protect your hair from all the outside influences. I’m talking about the pollution, the sun… But it’ll also repair hair cuticles with some damage on them
  • You’ll just be showered with compliments wherever you go J

There is a significant number of good sides to this procedure. I get how women around the world can be a bit skeptic about it though. When we start talking about chemicals and possible disasters by the hands of less than skilled stylists, you see how the space for wrong ideas is created.

Fortunately, if you get yourself someone who’s actually good at their job, and get all the good information prior to that, you’ll have nothing to be afraid of.

Time for some CONs

Let’s go over some bad sides:

  • The price is certainly a great deterrent. It’s a pretty costly treatment
  • It might not be suitable for women that are pregnant. The procedure itself might may produce some gases, which are perfectly fine unless you’re pregnant
  • There’s always a small possibility of some sort of allergic reaction
Brazilian hair straightening 2

Brazilian hair straightening 2


3 Tips for Using a Hair Straightener

Purchasing a hair straightener can be one great investment that you’ll never live to regret. With the straightener at your disposal, you no longer have to sit in the salon chair for hours so that you can straighten your thick curls. Better yet, you can do this from the comfort of your home and still manage to get results. However with the hair straightener, there is always a catch. You need to know how to properly use it so that it can give you the desired outcome. If this is disregarded, you may end up causing a lot more damage than good on your brittle hair.

It is very important to know that an individual’s hair normally burns just like their skins it’s only that people do not feel the burning effects. In that connection, you need to take a lot of care when handling your hair. Ensure that you have the best quality hair straightener so that it can do justice to your hair shaft is known to be very delicate. This tips can help you to use your hair straightener to the best of its abilities while at the same time reducing the risks of damaging your hair.

The size does matter

Before using a hair straightener, you need to pick the right size. You need to know that they are more like clothes. They are available in different sizes. Picking one solely depends on the length and the thickness of your hair. With an idea size flat iron, it makes it easier for the user to maneuver and straighten their hair in a more efficient manner. In addition to this, it also reduces the chances of the straightener overheating which may in turn damage your hair.

Women having short, thick or fine hair should opt for flat irons with narrow plates that range from ½ an inch to 1 inch in terms of their sizes. You can use this straightener to iron out the smaller sections of your hair. On the other hand, individuals with long, thick or fine hair can go for hair straighteners with wider plates of size between 1 ½ inch and 2 inches. These have the ability of covering wider areas within a short time.

Set an ideal heating parameters

Let your hair texture and type be the determining factor when it comes to selecting the right heat settings. Professionals have a tendency of varying the heat settings when working your hair and that is exactly the approach that you need to take. Get yourself a high quality hair straightener that gives you this option.

Use the right kind of material

If the plate type is not good, it can cause havoc on your hair. Straighteners with titanium, tourmaline or ceramic materials are considered to be the best at what they do. They are not only durable but they tend to heat up fast and more evenly hence reducing the damage on your hair. These materials also release negative ions which then tighten your hair cuticles.